Manifest Journal

Welcome to the Journal that Tracks. 

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Manifest is a voice powered journal that offers you analytics about yourself over time. We utilize sentiment analysis open source tools to bring to you a new zoomed out perspective.

We are a team that met at a hack-a-thon in Los Angeles! We are building this app to help address the noisy world we all live in. We beleive journaling is key to growth and peace of mind. 

Customer Discovey Quotes

"Things I totally believed whole heartedly have completely changed over time. Through journaling, I realized the impermanence of things. But also felt a sense of recognition of my growth.”

— Robert, Avid Journaler
"I don't like to quantify my emotions myself. So it's kinda nice that it does it for me. It's really cool to see your emotional journey too...and look back on that." 

— Sarah, Student
"I've been journaling for the last 5 years and it's really changed my life...I don't miss big things in my life. I refer back to my journal all the time."

— Knight, Avid Journaler and Chess Player

Early Access List

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